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Fullstack Firewood

Fullstack Firewood is a firewood delivery company located in Birmingham, Alabama. They service both individuals and restaurants with seasoned firewood year-round.

Stunning website to showcase their unique brand

Backend automations to facilitate order processing & communications

Online ordering system to streamline operations

A snapshot of the Fullstack Firewood website, designed by the Blue Collar Builds Team.

The problem

Fullstack Firewood came to us wanting to dominate the online space in a very low-tech industry. They wanted to blow up their space with a great website, tech stack, and automations to improve efficiency on their side of things.

The solution

We worked with the team to craft a best-in-class landing page, complete with a system to facilitate online orders, and backend automations to reduce admin work and improve customer communications.

The results

Since launching this project, Fullstack has been working to expand their digital marketing efforts and leverage their new website to gain customers. The online order system and automations have helped the team remain agile as they continue to grow the business and expand into more restaurants.

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