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Southern Landscape & Irrigation

Southern Landscape & Irrigation is a full service residential and commercial landscaping company located in North Dallas. We helped them put together an optimal tech stack to systemize and improve operations, management, communication and more. Then, we built them a top-notch website to hold it all together.

Custom software stack to modernize company systems & operations

Online booking system to streamline the order process

Scalable website to grow with the company

A mockup containing 3 landing page snapshots of the Southern Landscape & Irrigation website, designed by the Blue Collar Builds Team.

The problem

Southern Landscape & Irrigation came to us with nothing more than a simple landing page. They put it together knowing they needed to capitalize on the digital marketing side to expand, but quickly found out they needed something more. They also knew they needed a major upgrade to their systems, moving away from pen and paper and into something more streamlined.

The solution

We worked 1-1 with the owners of SLI to identify the best software for their business needs. This included a CRM to manage customer relations, online booking, and their own operations internally with their crew. Once we got the software in place, we crafted a website that showcased the brand as professional landscaping experts and served as the main hub for all of their consumer-facing software integrations.

The results

Since implementing this system, SLI has dramatically improved their own operations and systems. The CRM we got them set up with allowed them to compare themselves to industry standards so they could identify points of improvement in the business. They also have a website they can leverage to take online bookings, send traffic to, and to utilize with paid ads.

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